Travel like a pro – 6 steps to avoid over packing


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in your suitcase yet? Well, half way in to our American holiday we realised it wasn’t wise to carry a photo album with photos of our dogs or jewellery pouches filled with bobbles nor was it necessary to carry biscuits from India! You’re faced with this life or death decision whether to carry the sun hat for the beach, the 3 swim suits you’ve just bought, the striped or plain dress and which shoes you have to be photographed in on this holiday. It’s unpleasant lugging around a 32 kg suitcase that’s half your size and holding up lines because you also have a backpack and sling purse to balance all for your 10 day holiday. Therefore, we’ve devised the perfect guide to assist you with packing that won’t require you to sit on your suitcase to have it closed.

  1. Size does matter:

Whether you’re heading for a 7 day vacation or a 3 week one, it’s important to not carry a suitcase that can accommodate over 20 kg. It’s best to have a medium sized trolley or better yet carry a backpack that way you can understand just how important it is to travel light. A larger suitcase allows more space giving you the liberty to carry your entire room at the risk of breaking your back while trying to lift it on to a train ( FYI not everyone is dying to lift your elephant for you). If you’re going the trolley way, you can also carry a small back pack to fit valuables and computer/camera gear so as to have it safe and present with you at all times.

  1. Wear all that you can on the plane:

No seriously we’re not kidding, it’s smart to wear your heaviest sneakers or jeans on the flight that way they weigh and occupy less space in your check-in bag.  This also applies for warm jackets, boots and hats that you may be carrying. Well, at least you’ll be nice and toasty in the flight.

  1. Pack and Unpack:

So chances are that you’re not going to be wearing that skimpy red dress you planned on hitting the clubs in or all 5 pairs of jeans you’ve set your mind on. Instead, once you’ve packed you’ll probably go back in and remove about half the unnecessary stuff that won’t be of much use. Moment of truth, do you really need all those shoes buddy? (makes disapproving face with hands in the air).

  1. Roll with it :

Whether you’re heading for a 6 day or 6 week vacation, it’s imperative to pick your clothes wisely. As women, we are spoiled for choice allowing us to mix and match freely therefore there’s no need to carry individual outfits instead find clothes that have multiple uses and can be worn in more than one setting. For example, you’re flowy beach maxi can be paired with high heels, slicked back hair and killer earrings for a night out. Pair the crop top of your co-ord set with jeans or a high waist skirt.  How do you fit all this in a medium sized suitcase? A simple and effective way is to roll your clothes in to a travel cube set (available online) or by simply rolling and packing it. This tried and tested method is a great way to keep your clothes tight, small and wrinkle-free.

  1. Shoes and accessories:

Before you decide to carry 4 pairs of shoes and chunky neck pieces, it’s necessary to lay out all your favorite accessories and try to pair them with the clothes you’ve just packed. Leave out the bulky one’s and pick neutral pieces that can go with anything you happen to be wearing. It’s similar for shoes, always always carry a pair of sneakers (unless you’re already wearing em), flip-flops or sandals that can also be worn indoors and a pair of tasteful heels for the night or a day time fancy brunch.

  1. What you forget you can buy so don’t be a diva:

It’s okay to not carry your huge bottle of conditioner or shower gel as such things can always be bought along the way in case you’ve forgotten or simply have no place to stuff it in. This also enables you to try out local and natural products all while keeping your bag light. Don’t carry a hairdryer or straightener because chances are your hotel/hostel has one and if not, let the natural breeze dry those locks

7. In the bag: Don’t think we forget the all-important carry-all – the purse. You might have a compact backpack for flights and mini-trips, but let’s be real, you’d like to have a cute little handbag for a fancy lunch out or even those nights of partying. It’s important that you pick a bag or two (max) in neutral colours, so you don’t have to worry with them clashing with your outfits- we love our Edgability handbags – the gray Taylor bag and the studded black Katia bag!

And finally…


  • Passport
  • Tickets – identification – local currency + travellers cheques/foreign exchange cards
  • A cellphone with tickets and reservation proof / charger
  • Underwear
  • Outerwear /Warm wear- Shawl/ sweater/ sweatshirt/ beach gear
  • Shoes
  • Medicine kit
  • Camera/ Go Pro/ Selfie stick
  • Power bank
  • Hand sanitizer


  • Toothbrush
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Toothpaste
  • Facewash
  • Shower gel
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Sunblock
  • Perfume/body spray/lip balm
  • Moisturize

For beach bummin’

While a hippie-dippy colourful bag that’s large enough to fit a day towel is essential, your island carry all must include a beach blanket, cute shorts, sun block, a pair of sandals/flip-flops and a dress that can take you from day to night, snorkel gear, 2 bikinis, sunscreen, bright pink sunglasses and of course, a delicate strappy watch. Our pick is the Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Melrose watch so you know exactly when to hit the showers.

For mountain chillin’

If you’re partial to sweater weather and enthusiastic about packing your rugged boots for the trip (as we always are), don’t forget to pair it along with the cuddliest hat, most colourful shawl and coolest jacket you own. Make sure you carry along enough moisturizer to stay soft in the cool mountain air (our pick is the green apple-flavoured lotion from Egypt) and the Narangi lip balm – we love from Forest Essentials. Our favourite sunglasses from Ray Ban make it to our carry-all, paired with the leather strapped Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sheffield watch making that statement befitting a mountain adventure.

For workin’ it where you are:

If you travel the amount that we do, (between work and leisure), it adds to many weekends away, at least 3 annual vacations and many many added calories. We make sure we stay fit by carrying workout wear that’s cute enough to motivate us- we love and recommend Zelocity by Zivame’s workout wear that looks good while exploring natural places of interests – like on hikes, treks and through national parks. You can also make the most of hotel open spaces, and practice a little yoga, like we did in our Zivame active wear. 

Read on, print out and use it before your next getaway. Happy packin’ folks!


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