The South America – Dutch Antilles itinerary of our dreams

There’s no greater joy that experiencing a whole new continent – seeing famous treasures, discovering hidden gems, meeting new people and devouring exotic food (and drinks) — and what makes it more special is having your spouse join you on your adventure. On the 8th of January, I took off with my brand new husband on a month-long adventure and here is a cut and dry itinerary for you to follow us on our travels – from Mumbai to Curacao to Aruba to Manaus to Tefe to Iguassu to Rio to Cuzco to Lima (phew). Stay tuned with daily updates on instagram and in-depth reviews on our return. Until then follow us on @grabyourglobe (instagram) and

Departure: 8th Jan (Mumbai to Curacao)

Arrival: 8th February (Lima to Mumbai )

8th Jan – Arrive Curacao (stay overnight)

9th Jan15th Jan – Flight from Curacao to Aruba

15th Jan – 17th – In Curacao

17th Jan – Flight from Curacao to Manaus. Overnight in Manaus

18th Jan – In Manaus

19th Jan – Flight from Manaus to Tefe

20th – 23rd Jan – Uakari Lodge

23rd Jan – Tefe to Manaus reach at 3 PM (night in manaus to catch flight to Iguassu  at 24th early morning at 1 AM)

24th Jan – 26th Jan – Arrive Iguazu Falls at 11 AM

26th Jan – 31st in Rio (Flight from Iguazu Falls to Rio)

1st feb – Flight from Rio to Cuzco

Take a cab to Ollantaytambo and catch the train to Auguas Calientes.

2nd Feb – Head up to Machu Picchu

3rd Feb – To Cuzco

4th Feb – In Cuzco

5th Feb – Cuzco to Lima by flight

6th Feb – In Lima

7th Feb – Car back to Lima for midnight flight back to Bombay



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