Serai Serenity – Give it to me, I’m worth it

There’s nothing more exhilarating than driving 5 hours away from an overly populated city and in to the green arms of Mother Nature. The air is crisp yet slightly smokey from nearby village woodfires, the trees spindly with silvery white trunks yet losing much of their greenness due to the onset of the dry season and birds flying low guiding you to your haven . This space looks raw yet inviting and as you drive on the makeshift rocky road you reach a gem in the middle of the jungle – The Serai Bandipur.

If you’re looking to crack open that piggy bank, below are a few reasons why The Serai Bandipur guarantees your money’s worth:

  • Hands up all those who want to see a tiger?

Bandipur National Park is situated in the Mysore district of Karnataka flanked by picturesque mountain ranges and home to a sizeable number of tigers. Pre arrange for safari by booking online or allow the resort to arrange the same for you. Just as the sun rises you’ll be whizzing off on your canter or private jeep (if lucky) in the hope of spotting a thirsty tiger out by the water holes for a quick drink. In case you don’t get to spot this magnificent creature, you can always click away at the many deer’s, elephants, antelopes, Indian bison’s, Malabar squirrels and wild boars that tend to sashay their way past your vehicle.

  • Infinity away in the infinity pool:

Once you’ve got the tiger safari out of the way, you have plenty of time to relax and do nothing. Serai Bandipur allows you to do just that. After gorging on the all you can eat breakfast buffet, take a nap and head to the pool (follow this order, we don’t want any in-pool mishaps) to soak in the cool water and rest your weary self from the mornings activities. The pool provides tranquility in already tranquil environment allowing you to splash back and enjoy the sounds of nature.

  • Play the field:

Get back to basics at the Serai Bandipur. The property provides a host of activities including archery and cycling where you have the freedom to hop on to a bicycle and cycle along its periphery. The dirt roads are rocky, bumpy and you’ll probably fall but not without having laughed all the way back to your room bruised but content from the simple pleasures that we tend to miss out on. Later in the evening, you can include yourself on a nature trail where your guide educated you on the various species of birds and animals that call the forest their home.

  • Get wild at the wilderness bar:

Just as the sun sets grab your spot at the Moyar’s Edge Wilderness Bar for drinks. This bar stands at an elevation giving you a panoramic view of the twinkling Nilgiris standing tall in front you. The bar with its friendly staff often tell you stories of the wilderness and just how at peace they are in this glorious environment.

  •  Unwind body & mind:

At the Serai Bandipur it would be criminal to not treat yourself to a pampering session. After all, you’ve indulged in all those activities so it’s time to invigorate yourself. The Oma Spa promises all this and more where you have the freedom to lay practically motionless on a massage table with views of nature before you and the therapist’s nimble-fingers massaging away the stresses and pressures of the adult world. Relax, rewind and rejuvenate.

Why we love this place? The Serai Bandipur doesn’t just want you to hideaway in its plush rooms but encourages you to step out and experience nature through them. While you may not see a tiger, the sight of a mother bathing her baby elephant is just as rewarding if not more. Here, you have the prospect of leaving everything behind and surrendering yourself to nature and all its creations.

Location – Bandipur, Karnataka

Famous for/as: Tigers

Route: 3.5 hour drive from Mysore and 5.5 hours from Bengaluru.

Best Season: March – May for tiger sighting & November – February to enjoy the cool climate and diverse fauna.

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