Koh Pha ngan – Thailand — Series 2

The island of Koh Pha ngan is best known for its Full & Half Moon parties that take place. Travelers from all over the world flock the island to participate in what they believe to be an unforgettable party experience. We attended the half moon party during our time on this tiny island and here’s what you should know before you go.

  1. Half Moon Party Koh Pha ngan:

If you are looking to party up a storm then look no further than the island of Koh Pha ngan. Home to the full and half moon festivals, this island paradise is notoriously famous for raging until 7 AM. And so we did. This is when we tell you what the Half Moon Party was really like. If you’ve never been to an island party before then this would probably pick your interest with its flashy LED lights, Abosolut vodka signage’s, stalls offering to paint your body with fluorescent paint (that stuff don’t work) and dancing to tunes never heard before. Not to mention the occasional druggie bumping in to you or the endless lines to access the restrooms.

Not quite what we had in mind. We imagined it to be less commercial, maybe even a little hipster and more for the love of music. The Half Moon takes place in the “jungle” and not on the beach which wasn’t the only reason for disappointment but this was not A JUNGLE and there was no half moon in sight! Upon entering, you could easily believe that you were in any city in the world and not on an island in Asia.

Do we recommend? Not quite. But the island of Koh Pha ngan didnt disappoint.

2. Beach baby:

While the Half Moon party was a bust, the beaches on the island did exactly as promised. The remainder of our days were spent on beach loungers, soaking in the sun and sipping on some delectable cocktails. We didn’t have to go very far as the resort we stayed at had its own private beach equipped with a swing, loungers and massage centre right on the beach. Play ball, float in calm waters of the sea and walk the endless beach for hidden spots and coves with a coconut in hand for the ultimate island experience.

While Haad Rin is a very popular spot on the island with a beautiful yet busy beach, we recommend Haad Saikantang with limited development offering soft silver sand and blue waters. However you’re never too far away as the island is small and can easily be traversed via bike or taxi.

Best Pad thai at Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

Where: Koh Pha ngan

How: Flight to Koh Samui and boat/ferry to Koh Pha ngan

When: December – May (expect mild showers throughout the year)

What: Full/Half moon parties & beach chill time

 Stay: Cocohut Beach Resort & spa

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