About us


Simone Pardiwalla

‘Let’s do something fun’ – words that have haunted me ever since we were 13 years old. By we, I mean my best friend Simone Pardiwalla and I. Eternally excitable and always planning her next adventure, she’s always been the wind behind my sails – urging me to do more, be more.

And today, we’ve launched this travel website together – throwing caution to dwindling bank accounts and crazed schedules. Putting her money where her mouth is, post a stint in the hospitality industry, Simone moved to the travel industry and now works for an acclaimed travel website. She spends her spare time planning holidays (for herself), playing with her doggies, giving her friends existential advice and planning her next holiday (while still on the plane back home from her current one) – so if there’s anyone who knows her stuff, it’s her. So get set, ready, and do what Simon(e) says.

Chandni Sehgal

Hello Y’all
What do you get when you combine best friends, a dwindling bank account and a mutual love for travel? You get a box of nutties in the form of Chandni Sehgal and Simone Pardiwalla. We’ve decided to write each other’s Bio as a tribute to our million years of friendship.
When Chandni Sehgal is not obsessing over not eating dessert on weekdays or cycling so hard on her exercise cycle that she’s possibly going to take off, she’s actually day dreaming of being transported to a land far far away where hot men are showering her with gifts, chocolates and flavored teas. Chandni works for a leading fashion magazine, reads incessantly, is pint sized but can challenge you to some beer chugging and aggressive badminton without batting an eye-lid. This Harry Potter crazed smurf is the best friend that whips her flask out while in a car because you were parched, loves cleaning my closet and buys me gifts for no apparent reason. I struck gold!