Winter is coming – Our top 5 must visit winter wonderlands

When someone tells you that you “have to go to Amsterdam” in winter you don’t moan about how cold and windy it’s going to be, instead you pack all the warm clothes you possibly have and make the most of a winter vacation. I’ve always despised the cold, I mean who doesn’t love Margaritas on a beach but skiing on a mountain or sipping on mulled wine in a quaint little town in Switzerland is equally (or more) impressive. Each vacation, whatever the weather may be relies on what you do and how you experience it and a little tip, once you’re in the minuses example -1 and survived; all the minuses are endurable.

Travel tunes: Our ultimate guide to some easy listening, on the road

Whether you’re gliding down a river, floating above the clouds in a metal bird or leaving dusty roads behind, music makes a great companion

Music and travel have a tantalising relationship. These two go hand in hand like Brad and Angelina on the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith (who knew they’d get a divorce). Music is quite an addiction for most of us where it’s impossible to leave the house without an IPod or music providing device. Good music can quite easily transport you to your happy place, engulf you in its world and leave you spellbound wanting the sensation to never end. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of what we think make the perfect companions for a “feel good” travel journey. If nothing, these suggestions are guaranteed to awaken the inner free spirit in you and encourage you to pack those bags and head out.

Warning: Some of these are classic clichés but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

Why you need to visit Turtuk

A part of Pakistan until 1971opened to tourists only in 2010, this hidden gem in J&K is a gateway to the formidable Siachen Glacier, offers a view of Pakistan’s army bunkers and the chance for thrill-seekers to unearth forgotten wonders

You won’t find any sari-clad Kajol lookalikes running across the snow-topped mountains, seemingly oblivious to the cold, but in the last few years Leh has made the jump from off-the-radar escape to mainstream holiday destination for even Himachal-bound honeymooners. Whether it’s the capital city that’s now teeming with part-of-a package-tourists in popular months, to the unreal Pangong Lake dotted by too real biscuit-wrappers to enthusiastic camel-riding tourists in the Nubra Valley, Leh’s mass-virginity has been taken.

But the mountains keep some secrets, still. And there remain places hard to reach, and harder to live in… dusty old villages where royalty tells the tale of it’s slow demise in its own tongue, and the number of households are less than 500.  The sleepy, near forgotten village of Turtuk is one of them. Here are seven reasons to visit the tourist-light, lesser-known village in the Leh district of Jammu & Kashmir.

Serai Serenity – Give it to me, I’m worth it

There’s nothing more exhilarating than driving 5 hours away from an overly populated city and in to the green arms of Mother Nature. The air is crisp yet slightly smokey from nearby village woodfires, the trees spindly with silvery white trunks yet losing much of their greenness due to the onset of the dry season and birds flying low guiding you to your haven . This space looks raw yet inviting and as you drive on the makeshift rocky road you reach a gem in the middle of the jungle – The Serai Bandipur.