Winter is coming – Our top 5 must visit winter wonderlands

When someone tells you that you “have to go to Amsterdam” in winter you don’t moan about how cold and windy it’s going to be, instead you pack all the warm clothes you possibly have and make the most of a winter vacation. I’ve always despised the cold, I mean who doesn’t love Margaritas on a beach but skiing on a mountain or sipping on mulled wine in a quaint little town in Switzerland is equally (or more) impressive. Each vacation, whatever the weather may be relies on what you do and how you experience it and a little tip, once you’re in the minuses example -1 and survived; all the minuses are endurable.

Travel like a pro – 6 steps to avoid over packing


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in your suitcase yet? Well, half way in to our American holiday we realised it wasn’t wise to carry a photo album with photos of our dogs or jewellery pouches filled with bobbles nor was it necessary to carry biscuits from India! You’re faced with this life or death decision whether to carry the sun hat for the beach, the 3 swim suits you’ve just bought, the striped or plain dress and which shoes you have to be photographed in on this holiday. It’s unpleasant lugging around a 32 kg suitcase that’s half your size and holding up lines because you also have a backpack and sling purse to balance all for your 10 day holiday. Therefore, we’ve devised the perfect guide to assist you with packing that won’t require you to sit on your suitcase to have it closed.

Travel tunes: Our ultimate guide to some easy listening, on the road

Whether you’re gliding down a river, floating above the clouds in a metal bird or leaving dusty roads behind, music makes a great companion

Music and travel have a tantalising relationship. These two go hand in hand like Brad and Angelina on the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith (who knew they’d get a divorce). Music is quite an addiction for most of us where it’s impossible to leave the house without an IPod or music providing device. Good music can quite easily transport you to your happy place, engulf you in its world and leave you spellbound wanting the sensation to never end. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of what we think make the perfect companions for a “feel good” travel journey. If nothing, these suggestions are guaranteed to awaken the inner free spirit in you and encourage you to pack those bags and head out.

Warning: Some of these are classic clichés but we just couldn’t help ourselves.