Aruba & Curacao: The ultimate island food guide

When on a dreamy island the only respectable thing to do is swim, eat and sleep mostly in that particular order. With Simpson’s – like skies and crystal clear waters Aruba and Curacao don’t quite disappoint in the food department either.

Below is a neat little guide that includes all the places where food was not just eaten but devoured. Each of these places combines food, ambiance and a little something extra:

Eight reasons why Aruba & Curacao are beach bum Utopia

How to do absolutely nothing & everything when on an island vacation 

How many times have you pictured yourself floating in the tranquil blue waters of an ocean breathing in the salty fresh air wistfully musing “I could stay here forever”. The thought crossed my mind only every dayum day as I spent 12 days in the Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba and Curacao.

Aruba, only 15 miles north of Venezuela is one of the “ABC” Dutch Caribbean islands known for its laid-back island life and friendly faces. Nicknamed ‘One Happy Island’ Aruba prides itself on its immaculate white beaches and turquoise waters so clear you may not even need a snorkel to see eye-to-eye with the colourful fish swimming by.

If Curacao bring to mind the legendary blue drink, it’s because the island of contrasts is in fact home to the legendary blue Curacao liqueur that’s guzzled all over the world. An island that seamlessly blends history and culture with gorgeous beaches and untainted waters, Curacao has something to offer to every kind of holiday-maker.