How to do Machu Picchu on your honeymoon – hostels, shared car rides, cuts, bruises et al

Life-long dream. To enter the ruins of Machu Picchu – the famed lost city of the Incas has been a lifelong dream. I had successfully annoyed my now husband to take me to this wonder on our honeymoon and no this story does not end in – “wow you’re so lucky, he surprised you!” Not exactly, it only took a few years of convincing, a promise to stop nagging for 1 month and strict instructions by him to fit it in our “working class” salary budget and if it panned out without the need to sell a kidney, HURRAY we were going to Peru!

While most of the online guides you read advise you to take a tour, we wouldn’t’. We live in a world where information to the remotest of places is a click away and questions are answered in a matter of minutes by bloggers and like-minded travelers. So immerse yourself in blogs and online content that spew information and in no time you’ll be narrating your itinerary in your sleep. Neurotic as I am, we meticulously planned this adventure right down to its last bus transfer and hotel requirement before we stepped on foreign soil but little did we know that some adventures just cant be planned.

The South America – Dutch Antilles itinerary of our dreams

There’s no greater joy that experiencing a whole new continent – seeing famous treasures, discovering hidden gems, meeting new people and devouring exotic food (and drinks) — and what makes it more special is having your spouse join you on your adventure. On the 8th of January, I took off with my brand new husband on a month-long adventure and here is a cut and dry itinerary for you to follow us on our travels – from Mumbai to Curacao to Aruba to Manaus to Tefe to Iguassu to Rio to Cuzco to Lima (phew). Stay tuned with daily updates on instagram and in-depth reviews on our return. Until then follow us on @grabyourglobe (instagram) and