10 days in paradise – Our guide to the Philippines (Cebu+Palawan)

Close your eyes and envision floating in the calm azure waters in the middle of the ocean with luminous fish and coral just beneath you. In the distance, you can hear the sound of waves and palm trees rustling in the gentle wind that promises to carry your woes away. In the past, we have tried hard to visit the Philippines but work, thunderstorms and life just always got in the way. Nevertheless, Sachet (my husband) only turns 30 once and celebrating in the middle of a lagoon in the Philippine Sea with speedboats whisking us away to deserted islands or swimming with whale sharks seemed befitting.

The Philippines is everything a water baby could ever want. The country consists of 7000 + islands, unique wildlife both in the water and above, rice fields as far as the eye can take you and our all-time favourite – sunny skies, coconut trees and turquoise waters.